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We see golf as an outlet for individuals to express their personalities and style through their clothing and accessories. Golf and fashion have always gone hand in hand and we believed that the premium golf glove space was up for grabs. From a style standpoint, we’ve created a brand that will stand out, but at the same time be subtle.

We believe that you can be bold without being flashy. We are the trend-setters, the innovators, the ones who don’t see the game for what it is, but for what it could be.

Welcome to Aiden Ross Golf.


behind the brand

In 2018, we decided that we wanted to create a case study for our digital agency by building a Direct to Consumer brand and running it through the marketing machine that was already established. We saw an opportunity in the golf space to create a lifestyle and apparel brand that would start with an item that golfers buy multiple of each year.

After researching the competition, we knew that nobody would be able to compete on the product design, marketing, and advertising portion. We decided to find a manufacturer who could develop a unique method of printing on Premium Cabretta leather.

Our intention was to develop a brand that would appeal to the millennial golfer. In an effort to accomplish this we needed to have every aspect of the brand make sense to this demographic who plays golf.

We found a list of the top millennial parents names for their sons from 2015-2018, “Aiden” was a top 5 name on that list. We picked the last name “Ross” because of the history and association with golf that the notable golf course designer, Donald Ross has developed.

A majority of style and fashion trends establish themselves on the West Coast and migrate East. We wanted the visuals and designs of the brand to have a West Coast feel, but ultimately could appeal to golfers who reside among any region.


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